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Since he's thriving on inaccuracy, Alterman then turned to the old canard that complaints to the FCC are a "right-wing Potemkin production." Alterman repeats a flimsy fairy tale from inside the commission that they received only 159 complaints about Fox's smutty show "Married by America." Never mind that the Parents Television Council (which I headed during this time) documented several thousand complaints from its members. Never mind that there were countless other non-PTC complaints. Never mind the facts.

To Alterman, conservatives are all hypocrites. "But of course this kind of personal hypocrisy pales when compared to that of Rupert Murdoch's empire," Alterman continues. After dismissing Janet Jackson and "Married by America," Alterman suddenly turns on a dime and describes in detail the truly offensive parts of "Married by America" and another short-lived Fox series, "Keen Eddie," the series that attempted to mate a prostitute and a horse.

Were those shows offensive, and should the Fox Entertainment Network be criticized? Of course. But Murdoch has never claimed to be an indecency crusader. I have never claimed to be a fan of these smutty Fox shows, and the PTC was often the first to expose them, whether they flop (like the pornographer vs. cop drama "Skin") or thrive ("Family Guy"). Where's the hypocrisy?

It's also untrue that everyone petitioning the FCC with grievances -- in Alterman's mind, "censors" -- can be placed on the "right wing." There are conservatives who oppose televised indecency in front of their children. Other conservatives don't. There are many liberals and moderates who oppose televised indecency in front of their children, and some who don't. The PTC has all kinds of members across the ideological spectrum. The usual cozy categories don't apply when it comes to children bombarded with oversexualized or ultraviolent TV content. The most inconsistent advocate in the debate is Alterman.

All of which calls to mind the old quip from Sen. Moynihan about how you're entitled to your opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts. Being "hysterical" isn't required when describing what Hollywood's entertainment factories are manufacturing. A cold recitation of the facts is shocking enough. ?

Had Alterman also devoted himself to the cold recitation of the facts, he'd have nothing to say.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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