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Halperin is talking as a media insider. He's complaining not simply about what's appeared in the media but what he thinks is his colleagues' collective mood. The idea that Hillary's treated as if she'd ever committed a "huge violation of propriety" might be something that liberals debate inside their newsrooms or at the corner bar, but it's not something a voter has seen this year in the "mainstream" press. It simply isn't there.

Halperin accuses his colleagues of choosing sides. "Your typical reporter has a thinly disguised preference that Barack Obama be the nominee. The narrative of him beating her is better than her beating him, in part because she's a Clinton and in part because he's a young African American. There's no one rooting for her to come back."

Newsday reporter Glenn Thrush was not amused and quickly blogged that Halperin was imagining things. "Who's the 'typical' reporter? As a card-carrying Typical who spends more time with Hillary Rodham Clinton than (with) his family, I have never heard a print or broadcast reporter in the trenches express a preference for Obama -- overt, thinly or thickly disguised, or otherwise."

Kurtz did not tell the reader that Halperin's ardor about a Hillary-betraying media might be due to his connections to the Clintons. Most Americans first learned of Halperin as the ABC producer who slipped George Stephanopoulos a copy of Clinton's "thank you for saving me from the draft" letter in 1992, helping keep Clinton's draft-dodging past from sinking his campaign.

Most Americans don't know that Mark Halperin is the son of ultraliberal Morton Halperin, who not only served in Bill Clinton's administration but helped found the Center for American Progress, Hillary's think tank and government in exile. He's now second-in-command there. Halperin's brother David also worked in the Clinton administration, and also works now at the Center for American Progress. Knowing these things makes it easier to judge the motivation behind his wild accusations.

Brent Bozell

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