Brent Bozell

How could CNN have missed this? CNN claims it had no idea. We are asked to place ourselves in a state of suspended disbelief here. No one, absolutely no one, at CNN knew of his identity? Shades of the Dan Rather Memogate story. CBS also claimed no one, absolutely no one, knew the memos to be false -- never mind that they had months to discover the truth that conservatives were able to unearth in minutes.

A simple Google search would have revealed this man's political identity. Even better, the Great Vetting Machine at CNN needed only to do a search of -- he's been a guest on the network, actively promoting this agenda.

It's a lose-lose for CNN. If somehow we were to accept that no one, absolutely no one, at CNN knew this man's political identity, what does this say about the professionalism of CNN? To believe that CNN didn't know is to conclude that CNN is an incompetent news organization.

On CNN's Sunday show "Reliable Sources," CNN Washington bureau chief David Bohrman embarrassed the network even further. Bohrman admitted to host Howard Kurtz that CNN has its own version of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." CNN never asked Kerr if he was affiliated with a candidate. "Here's why we stopped making sure that he was a real general and making sure that he hadn't contributed to a campaign. His question was great. All right?" Ask a "great question," and then CNN doesn't care if you're on someone's campaign stationery.

When former ABC reporter Linda Douglass suggested that from now on, every single person asking a debate question on national TV should be required to answer that question, Bohrman had the gall to disagree: "I'd love to agree, but I don't. Candidates meet all sorts of people, and there should not be the complete bio of everyone who asks a question."

Oddly, CNN wants to start a media-ethics debate, where critics demand full disclosure and CNN boldly advocates the cause of ignorance. To them, surprising Republicans with questions from unidentified Hillary backers and John Edwards fans is just a delightful evening of dirty tricks.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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