Brent Bozell

I wonder if, when viewed through the lenses of Time magazine, these are immoral conservatives?

That was nothing compared to Clinton's fierce solidarity with the abortion lobby: routine 100 ratings from NARAL Pro-Choice America, routine zeroes from the National Right to Life Committee.

On the last Sunday morning in April 2004, while many Americans were in church, the hard-left warriors of abortion advocacy gathered for a march on Washington, which they called a "March for Women's Lives." The star of this march was moral conservative Hillary Clinton, dressed in her trademark black pantsuit -- this time, with a hot pink blouse to match the official Planned Parenthood T-shirts.

The abortion-on-demand crowd wailed for her, reserving for her the biggest applause of the day, according to an account in The Nation magazine. The major media, from ABC and CBS to NPR and The New York Times, presented Clinton to the nation with a brief sound bite, a bland declaration that everyone should register and vote for Kerry for president.

Only the AP offered a different sound bite of the day, in which she trashed Team Bush: "This administration is filled with people who disparage sexual harassment laws, who claim the pay gap between women and men is phony ... who consider Roe vs. Wade the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history." No one at AP was going to ask her which atrocious Bush official she was describing. It was especially odd to hear Hillary Clinton accuse some other White House of being lax on sexual harassment, considering her husband's flagrant violations and her failure to stop them. For the media it was another day, another whitewash.

Amy Sullivan is a typical liberal reporter/activist trying to close the "God gap" between the Democrats and the Republicans. She has a book coming out next year on "how and why" the Democrats will win over religious voters. I wonder if she believes Hillary is moving closer toward God, or if the news is that God is moving toward Hillary.

Brent Bozell

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