Brent Bozell

MSNBC is at best a wobbly-kneed "news" network when hackneyed left-wing rock stars unspool crazy talk against our troops. Here's what Matthews should have said: "Boys and girls, this is your brain on drugs." If he wasn't going to demand an apology, at least he could warn children of the danger of pharmaceuticals.

Over on CNN, reporter Carol Costello said Crosby and Nash were complaining the power of protest was ebbing because of Bush's "brainwashing." Out came the Bush the Dictator lines. Nash: "It's the administration controlling the populace." Crosby: "You can watch all of these same moves out of any other dictatorship or junta." To which Nash blurted out, "Emperor."

After hearing all this loony banter about the Bush Reich, it's amazing these men are still thrilling tie-dyed audiences with the song "Teach Your Children Well." Their political theories prove they haven't learned anything since the acid trips of the late '60s. Even these factually challenged "news" segments feel like the networks are going through the motions. Not even they are buying it.

The "peace" protesters face a real crisis here. Under the loaded rules of protest media coverage, the cameras are almost required to show up whenever 150, or 50, or four people gather on behalf of a "progressive" cause. (By contrast, conservatives can turn out 80,000 at pro-life marches and their coverage is zilch.) Leftist protests never seem like a "pseudo-event" -- an event staged solely for the cameras -- when the reporters arrive to sell breathlessly the continental shift of the American people that the protesters allegedly represent.

But the people today are sour. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have lower approval ratings than President Bush. Right now, the "peace" movement looks passe. They have no energy, and nothing original to say, and with the change in Congress, they have no more public-relations magic. They better not stand in front of a banner reading, "Mission Accomplished."

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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