Brent Bozell

Newsweek recycles the Obama campaign's favorite publicity themes: how he won over "conservative whites" at the Harvard Law Review (how hard was that?) and named them to posts there, as if he'd ever name conservatives to his Cabinet; how his wife, Michelle, overcame her "misperceptions" about him and discovered he was wonderful; how former opponent Rep. Bobby Rush compares him to Moses for his talent at winning powerful people over.

Newsweek is whistling past what may very well trip up the Democrats in 2008 -- that their nominee, whoever it is, will appear to be pandering to the radical-left base of their party at the expense of, well, everyone else. Wolffe and Briscoe trip all over themselves to deny that Obama or his backers are leftists -- even as their piece begins by touting how Obama won over far-left black professor Cornel West, a man last glimpsed in the public eye traveling in a junket with Harry Belafonte to meet and greet radical Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. (Newsweek used no ideological label for West, either.)

Late in the article, they note that Obama was talked out of letting his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, deliver an invocation before his big announcement speech because Wright was "caricatured as a 'radical' for his Afrocentrism and his focus on black issues -- a strange criticism, perhaps, of a preacher on the South Side."

"Caricatured"? When New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor profiled Wright and Obama on April 30, she reported that Wright had gone to Libya in 1984 to meet with Moammer Qaddafi -- alongside Rev. Louis Farrakhan. (Why are all of Obama's allies enthralled with anti-American dictators?) Kantor described Wright as the man who converted Obama to Christianity, a "dynamic pastor who preached Afrocentric theology, dabbled in radical politics and delivered music-and-profanity-spiked sermons." So, according to Newsweek, Wright was "caricatured" as a radical -- even by the New York Times?

Newsweek is not an honest, nonpartisan broker for voters in the 2008 campaign. It is a transparent Tiger Beat fan magazine for Democrats, for "expanding America's sense of possibility" by promoting race and gender as the excuse for electing another liberal president.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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