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In the same week, defense expert Frank Gaffney was telling a far different story -- in fact, the opposite story. Unlike Moyers, Gaffney had proof. Back in the Tomlinson era, CPB pursued the idea of a broad-based documentary series on how America would respond to the post-9/11 world. Gaffney's documentary proposal on "Islam vs. Islamism," focusing on moderate Muslims' efforts to challenge Islamofascists, was given a green light as one installment in the 11-part series called "America at the Crossroads."

But once Tomlinson was out, the permanent liberal bureaucracy kicked into gear. The series was shipped to PBS Washington, D.C., superstation WETA. It promptly expressed horror that anyone would allow Gaffney anywhere near a PBS production because of his "day job" with a conservative advocacy group. They wanted Gaffney fired as an executive producer. When that didn't happen, they censored the film, refusing to air it.

This is a clear double standard. Take Moyers as Exhibit A. Even as he constantly produces PBS programming, he has an advocacy-group job, as well, as president of the leftist Schumann Center for Media and Democracy -- and no one inside PBS has ever cared.

There was one "neo-con" film that did air in the series, titled "The Case for War," which starred conservative theorist Richard Perle. The PBS ombudsman, Michael Getler -- who, to be fair, has occasionally faulted shows for a liberal tilt -- came unglued that Perle was allowed so much access to PBS viewers.

"I personally find the decision to produce this film, as it has turned out, to be a stunning avoidance of the real crossroad that we are at and an abdication of journalistic principal (sic) on the most crucial issue of our time and our future," Getler protested on the PBS Website. "This was not the subject or the time, in my opinion, on which to have a 'point of view' film controlled by an advocate." Getler added that the film had a "propaganda tone," and "it is structured so that Perle always has the last word and controls the flow."

To Getler, it is an abdication of journalism to allow antiquated and disproven conservative arguments on PBS. But how could Getler watch the Moyers propaganda special and not see how that spectacle was obviously structured so that Moyers always had the last word -- the only word!

There is only one journalistic principle and one standard for the liberals who dominate PBS. It's mine. It's not yours.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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