Brent Bozell

There's never been a Pulitzer for Bill Buckley or Pat Buchanan or Cal Thomas or Robert Novak. Need we say more?

Perhaps the strangest award, the one revealing the typical liberal attraction to the edgy and anti-American, is the Feature Reporting award given to Andrea Elliott of The New York Times for a three-part series lauding the Brooklyn-based imam Reda Shata.

Let's once again consult the gooey Pulitzer press release: They hailed Elliott "for her intimate, richly textured portrait of an immigrant imam striving to find his way and serve his faithful in America" -- even though Elliott glossed over and made excuses for how the imam and "his faithful" support the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas as a "powerful symbol of resistance."

The press release kept underlining the judges' liberal agenda. The National Reporting Prize was handed to Charlie Savage of The Boston Globe, "for his revelations that President Bush often used 'signing statements' to assert his controversial right to bypass provisions of new laws." This indicates that heavy usage of a story on left-wing publicity machines like Air America and the Huffington Post apparently wins you major Pulitzer considerations.

The International Reporting Prize was awarded to The Wall Street Journal "for its sharply edged reports on the adverse impact of China's booming capitalism on conditions, ranging from inequality to pollution." It might seem odd that this seemingly capitalist newspaper, "the daily diary of the American dream," is winning prizes for muckraking through the social evils of "booming capitalism," but it is certainly some flashy Pulitzer bait.

So when you hear a liberal-media person crow about someone's excellent journalistic qualifications, such as their Pulitzer Prize, it's fairly safe to assume that hallowed journalist wrote something that would make a Hillary Clinton smile from ear to ear, and would make a Rush Limbaugh grimace.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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