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Then there was this disgusting plotline in a different episode. This same dreadful woman, Gabi, lied during confession, telling a priest that a certain nun was having an affair with her husband. After gloating at her success getting the nun transferred to Alaska, she slapped the nun, then pushed her into a rack of candles, setting her on fire. And you thought parish life was dull.

Fox is now the Hollywood champion of God-mocking, the Atheist's Favorite. The Sunday night cartoon block is a strong contributor, ridiculing God on what even the Fox folks must know -- (SET ITAL) like, Sunday? (END ITAL) -- is His day. "The Family Guy" routinely mocks the sacred. One episode featured the teenaged son, who upon discovering God looks like Angelina Jolie, asks to "see your boobs." "God" agrees, but warns him about the impressive "Rack of Infinite Wisdom."

In another episode, Jesus Christ is depicted as a teenager arguing with St. Joseph: "Up yours, Joseph! You're not my real dad!" Jesus phones Heaven, where God the Father answers while lying in bed with a woman. God hangs up on Jesus and leers at the woman, who holds up a condom. God responds: "Oh, come on, baby. It's my birthday." In yet another episode, God is shown passing gas and lighting the gas on fire. The show's father character explains that this is how God created the universe.

When you look at these and so many other revolting examples, it becomes clear that a tiny atheist minority controls the creative cards in Hollywood. You think I exaggerate? Consider this study finding: Roughly six out of 10 of the portrayals of religion on reality-based -- which is to say, unscripted -- TV shows were positive. That still doesn't reflect public opinion, but it's close. Unscripted shows were responsible for only 4.5 percent of the negative portrayals this study team found. The other 95.5 percent came from Hollywood's professionals, who are at their most comfortable attacking that which you and I and most Americans hold sacred.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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