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Lamont isn't merely a predictable withdraw-now liberal on Iraq. National reporters don't mention he's a pro-abortion hardliner, a booster of so-called "gay marriage," a socialist preacher for universal health care and universal pre-school, and a staunch Greenpeace-pleasing foe of evil oil and automobile companies.

In one piece, The Washington Post tried to describe Lamont's online position papers as the views of "a fiscal conservative, a social liberal and a foreign-policy moderate." It's hard to imagine a "fiscal conservative" favoring all the liberal spending programs Lamont advocates on his website. But it's even funnier to attempt to describe Lamont's views on foreign policy -- not just the Iraq-quagmire babble, but his explicit online salute to the "wisdom and patriotism" of Rep. John Murtha, who accuses our Marines of civilian massacres before the evidence comes in -- as anywhere within miles of a "moderate" point of view.

The other real driver of the Lamont-Lieberman race is simply described as "Bush hatred." The liberal media elite loved denouncing conservatives as "Clinton haters" in the 1990s, but now can't identify any hate in Lamont or any other liberal today. But just listen to how Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne described Lieberman's problem on National Public Radio: "I think he misread that for a lot of Democrats, the moral issue of this time is where you stand on George Bush." Offering support for Bush is immoral?

CBS even offered that view, as reporter Trish Regan referred several times to "this now infamous kiss" from Bush to Lieberman at a State of the Union speech. Bush is "infamous"? Isn't that quite a leap for an "objective" network? Not that CBS is trying to be an objective network, mind you. After Lieberman lost, CBS called the picture the "Kiss of Death."

Pundits are now gaming out whether Lamont can win over Lieberman, now running as an independent. Lamont is too liberal to win over moderates and independents, even in Connecticut, except voters may never learn from the national press who he is. They'll just hear he's "antiwar," which is why he could pull this one out.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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