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 Excerpts from the Rolling Stone article display just the same old rapper braggadocio. West proclaiming he deserves more Grammy awards. West complaining that people shouldn't criticize him when he praises his own greatness. West giddily describing his addiction to pornography, and how he knew he wouldn't be able to get enough porn when he saw his first Playboy magazine at age 5. Rolling Stone's writer loves him: "not since Tupac Shakur has a rapper been so compelling, so ridiculously brash, so irresistibly entertaining."

 The Tupac Shakur comparison is apt, in that on his last album before that rapper as gunned down by gang-bangers in 1996, Shakur posed on the cover as a crucified black Christ. The rapper Nas also posed as crucified in a video for the F-bomb rap anthem "Hate Me Now," produced by Sean "P-Diddy" Combs. Diddy then edited the scenes out for MTV, but when MTV mistakenly aired an unedited version, within minutes, Diddy and two bodyguards beat Nas' manager in the head with a champagne bottle. A lawsuit was settled out of court.

 Apparently, Rolling Stone thinks being a dumb rapper makes you a lovable icon.

 Rolling Stone should not be excused for this stupid exercise in attention-getting. It's almost sad to see how perfectly they represent the upside-down creed of the counterculture, mocking the death of Jesus, but mourning the death of their beloved drug-addled scribbler Hunter S. Thompson. Douglas Brinkley grew almost religious in Rolling Stone over Thompson's bizarre ashes-in-a-rocket memorial service: "Our transport had become as solemn as an empty church ... The sorcerer was truly gone. The ashes had settled, and only the dark shadow of the valley remained."

 But West is not only stupid, he's sad. He's shown signs of an attraction to biblical imagery, from wanting to make Jesus jewelry to wanting to have one of his ceilings painted like the Sistine Chapel. His rap song "Jesus Walks" drew some attention to the culture's hostility to religion. West included the line "God show me the way because the devil [is] trying to break me down."

 Earth to West: It's not a good career move to climb your way to the top of the pop ladder by stepping on the fingers of Jesus. It's just, well, dumb.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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