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 Once again -- and this is nerve-wracking because it's the standard MO for the liberal press -- nowhere in this storyline was any focus on who the protest organizers are. International ANSWER is a project of the Stalinist Workers' World Party. United for Peace and Justice believes it's opposing an America that is perpetually at war in pursuit of a world empire. Kooky? No doubt. Radical? Unquestionably. Anti-American? You bet. Is this important to the Washington Post? Nah.

 Almost nowhere in the storyline were the actual words the protesters used from the podium. Cindy Sheehan was quoted in the Post saying, "This is amazing! You're part of history." How nice -- and meaningless. She also said (thank God for the Washington Times): "We'll be the checks and balances on this out-of-control, criminal government." The Times story, headlined "Demonstrators Assail President, War on Iraq," described the Bush-hatred in paragraph two: "Speakers at a rally on the Ellipse repeatedly called the president a criminal, a liar, and a killer."

 In fact, the Washington Post's reporter Petula Dvorak took the whitewash to a whole new level before the march. She profiled "novice protester" Patrice Cuddy of Olathe, Kan., who "said she had to pull off her gardening gloves each time a neighbor interrupted her yardwork" to sign up for her protest bus to Washington.

 There was a big problem. Cuddy is no novice. A quick Google search for the NewsBusters blog found that the Kansas City Star reported on Cuddy protesting the Iraq war before it even began, in a Jan. 16, 2003 news report. She was quoted as warning Iraqi children were about to be crushed by American bombs. One blogger joked she was a "lifelong novice," since he found Cuddy touting herself on the Internet as a "Life long Labor Democrat, arms-control, peace, environmental activist since the mid-1970s."

 The whitewash is so complete that reporters can't even use completely suitable "L" words -- leftist or even liberal -- to describe the marchers. New York Times reporter Michael Janofsky wrote that the crowd "heard from old lions of the antiwar movement," like Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader and Ramsey Clark, who Janofsky did note wants Bush impeached.

 The Post and other liberal organs are always trying to change the subject instead of addressing the reality that this is just the same motley crew of America-haters, a very loud and colorful (when not dressed in Anarchy Black) fringe.

Brent Bozell

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