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 For example, one plot on "Will & Grace" this fall featured Grace joining Alcoholics Anonymous for the free food, even though she's not an alcoholic. If that's not cynical enough, Grace then jokes that she wants a beer because "Michelle was talking about having a cold frosty one before the state took away her kids." The laugh track ran a large guffaw at this "hilarious" joke about a family being destroyed by alcoholism; it's "thumbs-up" stuff for the Golden Globes.

 Then there are the movie categories. One thing you can no longer say about the Golden Globes is that they're not a reliable indicator of who will win the Oscars. In early 2004, the Oscar winners and the Golden Globe winners were exactly the same in the major categories. Charlize Theron and Sean Penn in lead roles, check. Renee Zellweger and Tim Robbins in supporting roles, check. "Lord of the Rings," best picture, director, and even best song and score, check.

 It follows, then, that if the Golden Globes ignore a film, so will Oscar.

 This may be why Mel Gibson decided to forgo wasting his money on trying to get award consideration for his massive hit "The Passion of the Christ." Not only was the Gibson film snubbed from Golden Globe nominations in every category; the exclusion was excluded from multiple news reports. There was no mention of the "Passion" snub in the Associated Press story, the Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times or The Washington Post.

 While the Golden Globe movie picks aren't as universally dark as the TV nods, it's not surprising that the libertine left (or is it the libertarian right?) in Hollywood did find characters worth honoring with Golden Globe nominations. Nods of approval went to the sophisticated sexologist "Kinsey" and the abortionist title character of "Vera Drake." These figures make better Hollywood heroes than the suffering but certain Jesus of Gibson's vision, a Jesus so unlike the confused horny-hippie Jesus of Martin Scorsese in "The Last Temptation of Christ."

 The Golden Globe may desire the cachet of being a global honor, but nothing is further from the truth. These awards are only parochial, with everyone involved in the festivities reflecting only the twisted values that rule in the 90210 zip code. It's comforting to know that over time, what the rest of America holds dear in their hearts will be remembered, and a lot of today's pointless sleaze, which the Golden Globes is honoring, will be forgotten.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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