Brent Bozell

 The camera, using the teen-boy point of view, regularly focuses on female body parts -- the students, the teachers, the gyrating cheerleaders. One of the boys asks, "how are you supposed to go to school when all you can think about is sex?" This ought to be where the TV parents come in and knock some sense into them. Forget it. On this show, the adults are just as raunchy and infantile as the kids.

 For example, in the first episode, Jonathan's in the bathroom when his mother knocks on the door. His father calls out, "God, Mary, give the kid a break. He's probably masturbating." Jonathan replies, "Hey! I can hear you! Go away! And I'm shaving!" His father then says, "Whatever. It's all good. Take your time, son." Would Hollywood give us a nickel for every time they've made a lame joke about a teenage boy overusing the bathroom for masturbation?

 ABC signed up Radio Shack, Minute Maid and Papa John's for lots of nickels. Do thank them for sponsoring this trash, would you?

 The main beginning storylines are these: Dino is preparing to deflower his girlfriend Jackie, but then he's shaken by catching his still-married mom having sex with his hockey coach. Ben is starting up an affair with one of his teachers, who is young and gorgeous, so everyone is supposed to understand. Jonathan is struggling with his desire to have sex with his girlfriend Deborah, but his friends make fun of her for being fat. Every plotline is about sex, period.

 Can you imagine trying to talk honestly with your teenager after this parade? Parents could use a little help from Hollywood to negotiate these troublesome rapids. Instead, the entertainment elite is the enemy, almost chanting -- get it now, do it now, have it now, don't be a nerd. When teenagers get pregnant, or contract a sexually transmitted disease, or any other unhappy outcome, Tinseltown won't be there to help. These disasters never happen in La-La Land. It's the mess left to parents, and once-innocent children, to clean.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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