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 3. In his convention speech, Kerry declared his love for the flag: "We call her Old Glory. The stars and stripes forever." But the cover of his furious 1971 anti-war book "The New Soldier" featured angry men shouting under an American flag turned upside down -- not exactly an act of reverence for "Old Glory." But the media elite praised Kerry for his line.

 4. The idea that John Kerry and John Edwards are passionately liberal was treated like some kind of mysterious -- and scurrilous -- Republican accusation, not a plain fact on the public record. The only liberal the TV stars could find was Ted Kennedy, and he was almost always a hero, a "liberal lion." Illinois Senate candidate Barack Obama, who is every bit as liberal as Ted Kennedy, was a "centrist." Sen. Edwards, the man who wants to redistribute all the wealth until there are no longer "two Americas," was a "Southern populist." NPR even called the platform "middle of the road."

 5. Al Sharpton suggested George W. Bush was a segregationist, strangely spouting that if Bush had been president in 1954, when the Supreme Court overruled school segregation, we wouldn't have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Instead of questioning the racially divisive line, the media embraced Sharpton. On ABC, Peter Jennings liked it so much that he launched ABC's 10 P.M. hour by hailing how the Democratic convention was "energized ... in no more effective way than the old-fashioned Democratic way by a truly turned-on preacher."

 6. In plugging stem-cell research, Ron Reagan "Junior" insulted a vast majority of his dad's supporters by suggesting that a vote for Bush was a vote for "ignorance" and outdated theology, while the Democrats are the party of science and reason. No one fact-checked his speech or questioned the arrogance of its tone. But NBC's Andrea Mitchell called the speech "compelling ... a powerful statement from a Reagan."

 It's possible that the media's soft-shoe coverage of Boston will cause voters to forget that the week occurred. But it's only a few weeks until we see how the pro-Kerry press will put down their powder puffs and pull out the flamethrowers for the GOP in New York.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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