Brent Bozell

 They secretly urged the Iranians to arm the Bosnian Muslim fighters, going around a U.N. arms embargo, an Islamic Iran-Contra affair. That wasn't about sex.

 The list of non-sexual scandals and outrages goes on, with enough data to fill another book of 950 pages. But nobody remembers in the ratings-obsessed media, because it wasn't about sex.

 But the press is just uncritically echoing Clinton's boast about how he "beat" Ken Starr and that man's obsession with sex, and leaving out the perjury issue. Dan Rather mentioned perjury only once in his fawn-a-thon, as he described Clinton's videotaped August testimony: "His testimony was tortured. And he used careful legalistic language to avoid perjuring himself."

 Hit the rewind button to January 2001. It all ended with a Clinton surrender. As lawyer Mark Levin has noted, Clinton did not challenge Judge Susan Webber Wright's contempt of court holding for misleading testimony. He did not challenge the U.S. Supreme Court when it ruled him unfit to practice law before it. He did not challenge the Arkansas Supreme Court's five-year suspension of his law license. But now, Clinton says he won.

 In Time magazine, unctuous Joe Klein didn't even mention the P word, even as the magazine excerpted without comment this ridiculous nugget from Clinton's book, in which he even lies about his lying: "Since 1991, I had been called a liar about everything under the sun, when in fact I had been honest in my public life and financial affairs, as all the investigations would show."

 Instead, Klein's story focused, just like his hero, on Clinton's enemies. Clinton's case against Starr is "a lawyer's case, careful and powerful." Starr was "unseemly and irresponsible," and the press "was way too credulous" of Starr's allegations. Which planet did Joe Klein live on? Within three days of his appointment in 1994, Dan Rather was suggesting Starr was "a Republican partisan allied with a get-Clinton movement."

 The media were never soft on Starr. They promoted this self-indulgent president all the way to the top, and supported him endlessly, even as he took the country all the way to the bottom. They still do today. They will tomorrow. It's a good thing most Americans won't buy the old spin of this boring book of bunk.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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