Brent Bozell

Don't think that presidential candidates are the only political players who can be accused of flip-flops. Take a look at how the media elite have spun the election in Spain.

In the year since American and allied forces liberated Iraq, the national media have endlessly planted the flagrantly false notion that America was acting in some sort of a "unilateral" fashion, a lonely hyper-aggressive cowboy thumbing its nose at the entire world. Thirty-four nations may have supported America with money, men and materials, but Americans watching and reading the news might never know, because they were repeatedly told the United States was "going it alone." Our "allies" weren't those who support us, but the ones who refused to help us and complained bitterly of being ignored, insulted and abused by an arrogant White House.

So it was that news reports barely mentioned Spain and her leader Jose Maria Aznar's support. But now, when Spain has been targeted with a harrowing, systematic train bombing just days before their national elections and voters have surged to the polls to elect a Socialist Party government that will withdraw its military support from Iraq, this previously minuscule support has suddenly been magnified 1,000 times. It's now a painful crushing of America's hopes.

Wait a minute. Which way is it, "news" people? If cooperation from Spain in the liberation of Iraq was a joke, something merely symbolic and hardly worth mentioning, how is it now a huge "blow"? The media shift in tactics has been truly whiplash-inducing.

Rewind to Jan. 30, 2003. The Wall Street Journal published a letter from eight European leaders, including Spain's Aznar, declaring America had liberated Europe from the twin terrors of Nazism and communism, and they now stood behind the American aim of uprooting Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.

The networks were not impressed. ABC covered it but dismissed it as "solicited" by the Wall Street Journal, and said it "sounds almost as if it could have been written" by the Bushies. NBC ignored the letter in favor of a story selling the leftist-protester notion that the United States was only interested in Iraqi oil. Andrea Mitchell claimed, "It's the accusation the administration cannot seem to shake." (At least not so long as NBC keeps putting it on the air.)

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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