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The interview turned to the second girl, who said, "We’re both pretty hot." She claimed she and her friend "do our little show at parties," and Segal asked, "With your boobies out?" She said, "Depends on who’s there." She claimed her sexual activity inside the Catholic school was in more secluded areas, like stairwells. She also claimed a healthy bra size and added her nickname is "J-Lo, so I got the booty to go with it."

Both girls claimed to be 18, so Segal told listeners not to send "your g--damn e-mails ... Save the ‘you’re corrupting the youth of America.’ Please ... I didn’t hold a gun to anybody’s head to line up nine guys against a locker." Laughter followed.

The next day, Segal continued his assault on Catholics. His female sidekick, Diane, started reading from the Bishop O’Connell High School mission statement. "‘Our mission is to provide the students an education rooted in the life of Christ and to foster the pursuit of excellence of the whole person.’ And then you go down (for oral sex)," she sickly joked. As she read through the rest of the school’s beliefs, Segal mocked them all. As alleged O’Connell students began calling in with campus updates, Segal began mocking the school’s principal: "Anybody willing to believe he’s never gotten (oral sex) from his wife?" He also joked that the principal told one of the call-in girls "she’s gotta give up semen for Lent."

The fine for all these incidents? Just $55,000, a giant $27,500 for each day’s work. A joke.

Two of my children were students at Bishop O’Connell High School at that time. The entire school -- students, teachers, parents -- was horrified by this incident. The FCC received complaints from Father Michael Taylor, the school's chaplain, and 73 O'Connell students.

Both of these incidents were attacks on American families in general and Catholics in particular. I can only imagine that, after the FCC's decisions, champagne corks were popping at Infinity and Clear Channel. They know that the FCC is a toothless lion when it comes to the enforcement of common-sense decency standards.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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