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For example, the upcoming May 31 dinner in San Francisco will honor actress Stockard Channing with a "Golden Gate Award" for portraying Matthew Shepard's mother in the NBC TV-movie "The Matthew Shepard Story." When "Entertainment Tonight" asked last year why the movie didn't include any background into the thugs who killed Shepard, Channing explained, "The only encounter they had with Matthew Shepard was to kill him. So it wasn't as if they had a relationship."

Channing can't even delve into the fact that Shepard was trying to create a fast sexual relationship, which is why he got into a car with two killers. Everything outside the gay-left comfort zone is left out of the conversation. Films like this and HBO's Shepard film "The Laramie Project" pound into people's heads that "prejudice" (goaded by the religious right) killed Shepard, not the actual killers.

ABC's Diane Sawyer earned the "Excellence in Journalism Award." GLAAD defines "excellence" as a synonym for "lobbying." In March of 2002, Sawyer hosted two hours of "Primetime Thursday" devoted to a dramatically lopsided presentation of lesbian comedienne Rosie O'Donnell's crusade to make adoption by homosexuals legal in the state of Florida. It was titled "Rosie's Story: For the Sake of the Children." Sawyer used ABC's airwaves to lobby against Florida law.

Accepting her GLAAD award in New York, Sawyer proclaimed, "It means the world to me ... Because I really do believe that every time you care about someone and respect someone and love someone for what they entirely are, in every way, it's like inventing fire for the second time. Anything can happen. And we're not done yet." Notice the "we" united in promoting homosexuality. Could Sawyer ever proclaim her love and respect for social conservatives, for "what they entirely are"?

In the end, the libertine lobby's logic collapses upon itself: Diversity cannot be fully diverse, inclusiveness cannot be fully inclusive, fairness cannot be fully fair ... and the God of the Holy Bible really isn't God. But logic isn't necessary to win this battle when so many people with traditional values don't have the courage to speak out for fear of being labeled intolerant, a hater, a cheerleader for slurs and violence -- in short, fear of gay and lesbian defamation.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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