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1. The first story was "Family Values Drive Santorum's Politics," a chance for Mrs. Jordan to explain how the senator's beliefs are at odds with the Constitution. She summarized his view: "Homosexuality, feminism, liberalism all undermine the family. Even parts of the Constitution can harm the family." Note the utterly untrue liberal assumption that the Constitution presently insures the right to sodomy.

2. Unsurprisingly, the next day's campaign led with "Gay Groups Urge GOP To Remove Santorum." Mrs. Jordan began by explaining the gay lobby was "fuming over Sen. Rick Santorum's comparison of homosexuality to bigamy, polygamy, incest and adultery."

3. On the third day, AP really pressed the accelerator on the story. "Santorum Seeks to Clarify Remarks on Gays," read the inaccurate headline. Santorum did not seek to clarify, saying: "I can't deny that's how I feel."

4. AP also reported "Dems Call for Santorum to Resign Post." This story didn't have Mrs. Jordan's byline -- or anyone else's -- but it did have suspicious fingerprints, because the DSCC, Mr. Jordan's old office, was leading the resignation parade. Several paragraphs later, Mr. Jordan's new office kicked in. "Separately ... John Kerry issued a statement."

5. AP also released a transcript of the gay-related section of the interview, so all of Washington could pick up on the story and presumably be horrified at Santorum's traditionalism.

6. It got increasingly desperate on Day Four: "Dean Calls for Santorum to Resign Post." Far-left presidential candidate Howard Dean, Vermont's guru of gay marriage, objected? How newsworthy.

7. Day Five was pure giggles: "Utah Sect Leader Criticizes Santorum." An 89-year-old polygamist from Utah was Pundit For A Day to keep the story going. This was news?

8. In case Howard Dean wasn't earth-shattering enough, AP added "Chafee Chides Santorum for Gay Remarks." Liberal Lincoln, a Log Cabin Republican supporter, criticizing Santorum? Shocking.

9. Finally, on Day Six, one pro-Santorum headline: "Bush Praises Santorum As 'Inclusive Man.'" Note this was the AP campaign's first use of quotation marks in a headline.

10. On the seventh day, the story expired, with "Sen. Santorum Seen Likely Surviving Flap." That's clearly not the outcome the AP's Washington flap manufacturers wanted. But it died because no one outside AP and the radical left wanted to see Santorum get sacked.

Brent Bozell

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