Brent Bozell

If you have any doubts, ask yourselves this: If showing the "reality" is the proper course of action for those devoted to truth, why don't they apply that standard to the abortion debate? On that issue, these same liberals define graphic images of late-term abortions as the essence of bad taste. Pro-lifers are accused of wanting to create nightmares in the minds of our sleeping children, not make the world a less violent place.

Now some liberals are trying to suggest that crackpot Arab-news outlets like al-Jazeera are an important outlet for people who want blood-spattered "balance" in their media coverage. These America-hating "news" outlets based in tinhorn Arab tyrannies qualify as paragons of accurate journalism because they accuse America first, last and always.

What the Left doesn't want is context. Do we know who committed the civilian casualties? Can we automatically assume every wounded woman and child is America's fault? And if the misery pounding the Iraqi people is so newsworthy, why weren't Peter Jennings & Co. showing the atrocities of the Baathist regime before the war began, if "balance" was the goal?

Now if you want loaded al-Jazeera footage, Jennings will bring it to you. The ABC anchor was so happy about the propaganda channel's footage of the U.S. bombing that allegedly killed 18 Iraqi civilians near Mosul last week he used it twice, citing it on two successive evenings on "World News Tonight." That might put a little wrinkle in the claims of cranky leftists that we're all poisoned by hyper-patriotic news coverage.

This war again demonstrates the opinion gap -- no, canyon -- between the majority of Americans and the Left. The Left sees the media as their plaything, to mobilize the American public against the war by outraging them about the supposed atrocities committed in their name. But Americans aren't buying.

In short, Americans would rather be proud of America. They don't want indulgence of the eensy-weensy anti-war minority and their nattering nabobs of negativism at a time when victory is approaching fast.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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