Brandon Howell

It gets better. “So yes or no?” Kasie Hunt of "Morning Joe" flatly asked.

“I think it’s impossible to look back retrospectively and say what you would have done when you were there,” Nunn continued.

Well, most would say that’s only the case when you’re a Democrat running in a red state, but whatever.

The most recent snafu that’s gotten Nunn in the headlines comes from an unforced error of her campaign’s own making. Last week, she was wheels up for yet another round of fundraising in DC, this time a Capitol Hill confab with her famous father as the honored guest.

What her camp now claims it didn’t know at the time was that an ex-felon and former Black Panther leader with a history of controversial words and actions was co-hosting the event.

They’ve since vowed to return any donations that originated from Virtual Murrell, yet when asked by Atlanta’s WSB news what that would total out at, Nunn’s campaign couldn’t even say how much was raised at the event, much less how much would be returned.

So, the snippets of Michelle Nunn we’ve actually seen in the political limelight seem more akin to amateur hour rather than a campaign ready to do battle.

Doting on her and her campaign may make for a good story and engaging narrative at the moment, but for the last year we’ve been nowhere near seeing whether or not it’s deserved.

That all changes next week, when the real test of Michelle Nunn, and Georgia Democrats hoping for revival, begins.

Brandon Howell

Brandon Howell is a conservative communications strategist and contributor to the Peach State political blog Georgia Tipsheet.