Brandon Howell

Though Nunn is the underdog in 2014, the state has been undergoing a rapid change in demographics for some time. Most agree that by 2018 or 2020 Democrats will have sufficient numbers to give the GOP a run for its money statewide.

The reality that we must elect a conservative senator who can win in both 2014 and 2020 cannot be lost over the course of this process.

Ultimately, that leaves a simple question – who is best fit to carry that mantle?

Is it one of three congressmen – two with a penchant for unelectable comments and one who was first elected the same year as Bill Clinton? Is it a former Georgia secretary of state who has sought office more times in the last eight years than the Atlanta Braves have won playoff games?

Or is it a first-time candidate with a different kind of background?

The polls bear this out – Perdue runs best in head-to-head matchups with Michelle Nunn.

With no offense intended to their accomplishments, the remainder of this field smacks of yesterday.

Georgians deserve an alternative to yesterday - someone who'll take the blade to Washington's outrageous spending, charge against Obamacare, and fight to unleash economic growth, not more government.

That’s David Perdue.

Attacks are sure to fly over this final week, as well as through the inevitable runoff, but I’m placing my stock with an electable conservative who will be a strong voice for Georgia moving forward.

Beyond personal preferences, it’s imperative Republicans put forward a united front against Michelle Nunn when the primary process is all said and done – the consequences in both 2014 and beyond are too great to ignore.

Brandon Howell

Brandon Howell is a conservative communications strategist and contributor to the Peach State political blog Georgia Tipsheet.