Brandon Howell

A separate poll conducted late last year, and not testing head to head contests, placed Deal’s personal favorability at 54 percent and the Republican-dominated General Assembly at 47 percent. That’s compared to 42 percent for President Obama and 11 percent for Congress.

That’s to say nothing of Obamacare. A third of respondents in yet another survey said they felt it’d worsen the quality of healthcare, and 47 percent said they expected to be paying more thanks to the unpopular law.

Carter’s walked a tightrope on the issue, calling it a “mess” but simultaneously advocating for expanding the state’s Medicaid rolls. No matter how much he spins, though, it’s remarkably unlikely that he’ll be able to draw the distance needed from president, party, and policies to actually score a win.

It’s an unenviable task, really.

Democrats are great at wasting our money in Washington; I’m ok with them wasting some of their own in Georgia.

Brandon Howell

Brandon Howell is a conservative communications strategist and contributor to the Peach State political blog Georgia Tipsheet.