Brandon Howell

Such optics are ripe for painting a picture of Democrats nostalgic for past glories, yet it’s the policies where hope rightfully springs eternal for GOPers and Georgia’s next generation.

Just last year the state handed a constitutional amendment geared towards expanding school choice via charter schools a wider electoral margin than Mitt Romney.

The drivers of its victory were a cluster of Atlanta-area counties that cast ballots for President Obama and carry a hefty portion of the demographic changes onlookers insist will bring purple political streaks to the state.

Though a small number of Democrats joined Republicans in backing the measure, Carter stood in the headlights, firmly opposed.

In much the same vein he bucked 2011 reforms to the cherished HOPE Scholarship program, a move meant to curtail hemorrhaging of the lottery funds providing tuition coverage for high-achieving students.

State House Democrats joined Republicans in backing the plan, yet Carter was chief opponent in the state Senate, launching a statewide pandering tour calling for income capping a scholarship meant to reward students for achievement.

Shirking tough decisions and forward progress on educational opportunities for the next generation are hardly hallmarks of earning their support.

At the federal level, Obamacare’s disastrous rollout and overall policy flaws are serving to severely disadvantage young Americans, cajoling them into footing the bill for a flawed government program rather than real choice and opportunity.

All of which amounts to two pillars in a Democratic policy playbook riddled with failure, serving as chief points of contrast with Georgia Republicans in 2014.

Behind the times education posturing and botched government healthcare mandates should justly be contrasted with a driving vision of economic growth, opportunity, and policies that enable the American Dream, not more government.

It’s a populist, positive message that’s proven itself a winner with young voters when handled and marketed properly. For Georgia Republicans, continuing a new trend is vital to the long-term future, and it starts with 2014.

Brandon Howell

Brandon Howell is a conservative communications strategist and contributor to the Peach State political blog Georgia Tipsheet.