Brandon Howell

Furthermore, the presence of trackers dogging candidates for gaffes is more prevalent than ever; if this is already occurring in a friendly crowd, who’s to say something far more polarizing won’t occur in the rigors of the campaign trail?

Six years ago, the idea of Hillary Clinton as president played out better than the reality of Hillary Clinton for President.

If there is a second time around, the trappings that come with being Hillary Clinton are set to be joined by a predecessor’s record she’s inevitably tied to, none of which make calculated rebranding for a final run any easier.

You don’t make someone most commonly compared to the librarian shushing whisperers into a candidate transcending her own politics, capturing universal appeal, in this timeframe.

Furthermore, the party hasn’t dealt with a competitive primary since 2008, equating to some egos unlikely to wait and voters eager for a leftward pivot, meaning records will face scrutiny long before the General Election.

In sum, Democrats are left with a top tier of political relics, thanks to the Obama administration, their own careers, and the personalities tied to each.

Brandon Howell

Brandon Howell is a conservative communications strategist and contributor to the Peach State political blog Georgia Tipsheet.