Bob  Burney

God was making a clear contrast between the land of Egypt where God’s people were enslaved and the land of Canaan that He had prepared for them. One of the striking contrasts that God made was the way in which food was provided. In Egypt, long canals were dug running from the Nile out into the fields where seed was planted. All of this was enormous physical labor. Miles of canals were dug, according to scripture, with their “feet.” Their harvest was almost totally dependent on their own labor. Do you ever feel that way? The weight of your responsibilities at your work and/or your church and the spiritual condition of your family and those you serve sits firmly on your own shoulders? Been there, done that! So many times Christians fall, exhausted, under the load of personal responsibility. After all, if you don’t “do it”, who will? All the family issues, stuff at work, daily responsibilities … what happens if we don’t get them done? Well, that was the way of Egypt—the land of slavery.

Please notice what God says about the land promised to His people. The crops were watered not by the work of their feet but by the “rain of heaven”! That truth was almost enough to make this Baptist dance! The future and the fruit of my contribution for the Kingdom are not dependent solely on me and my labor—but the rain of heaven. The needs of my family are not dependent on my fleshly endeavors. Of course I have to be faithful. Of course, God expects me to be diligent—but growth, blessing, power does not come from the work of my “feet” but the “rain of Heaven.” That’s the way it is in Canaan! Add to that Joshua 24:13: “So I gave you a land on which you did not toil and cities you did not build; and you live in them and eat from vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant.”

Back in Egypt it was all about you and your labor. In Canaan, it’s all about Him and His work through us.

Bob Burney

Bob Burney is Salem Communications’ award-winning host of Bob Burney Live, heard weekday afternoons on WRFD-AM 880 in Columbus, Ohio.

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