Bob Barr

Rather than admit error and try meaningfully to fix the problems, Obama’s team began to do what it does best – offer excuses and political rhetoric. Administration shills first claimed that the massive surge of traffic that swamped the servers actually was a positive sign; attesting to the popularity of ObamaCare! Amazingly, they made such ridiculous claims with a collective straight face.

The propaganda wing of Obama’s personality cult, “Organizing for America,” trotted out Chad Henderson as one of its star defenders. Henderson claimed to be one of ObamaCare’s first “impoverished,” young adults who were “looking forward to having affordable healthcare for the first time.” Henderson actually was nothing more than another Obama supporter and financial backer.

In the following days, leaders from America’s tech and insurance industries admitted the website was suffering not from expected “glitches,” but from a wholesale failure of massive proportions. In fact, concerns from insurance and IT professionals were known to the Administration well before the public launch at the beginning of this month. As noted in August by Michael Astrue, who until earlier this year was the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration: “The reasons for failure are not short timelines (Congress gave HHS more than three years), political interference (Congress has not focused on ACA systems), or complexity (states have built well-designed exchanges) . . . [t]he reason is plain old incompetence and arrogance.”

The catastrophic technology, privacy, and administrative failures of ObamaCare are indisputable. Further magnifying the head-scratching “incompetence and arrogance” of the roll-out is why, when Republicans were calling for a delay of the individual mandate, would Obama press forward knowing full well what disaster awaited Americans being forced into government-defined healthcare coverage? The answer is simple and obvious: politics.

Rather than act in the best interests of all Americans – considering that ObamaCare will impact healthcare for every man, woman and child in America regardless of whether they have private or government-subsidized healthcare -- Obama unleashed this dangerous, expensive and virtually unusable process prematurely, because he didn’t want to admit that Republicans were right after all. To this day, the President’s response to the massive and systemic problems with the rollout of his pet legislation, has been to blame Republicans, declare himself “as angry as anyone,” and vow to fix the problem; but without admitting his complicity in the first place.

Many of Obama’s predecessors ultimately accepted responsibility for what happened on their watch as the nation’s chief executive; as the sign on Harry Truman’s desk noted, “the buck stops here.” Obama is not even man enough to accept that degree of rhetorical responsibility.

Bob Barr

Bob Barr represented Georgia’s 7th district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 -2003 and as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia from 1986-1990.