Bill Sali

It shocks and infuriates me to see Mrs. Pelosi and the Democrat majority in Congress use Idaho's schoolchildren and economic infrastructure as pawns in the War against America's enemies.

It is wrong for Democrats to use political bribery to enact their military micromanagement, especially so wrong-headed a strategy as the one that passed the House. How ironic that Mrs. Pelosi was unwilling to impose a deadline on herself and her operatives in the arm-twisting battle for sufficient votes to pass her bill, but she is more than willing to impose a deadline on American military personnel fighting a real war in Iraq.

Last week in Iraq, terrorists used children as decoys to drive a car through a security checkpoint. After making it through the checkpoint, the terrorists detonated the car with the children in the back seat. This is the kind of enemy America faces in Iraq. They are not rational. They are not patriots. They care nothing for human life or dignity. They are murderers, and they must be stopped - on their soil, not ours.

Tying the war against America's enemies in Iraq with issues here at home is politics as its worst.

Now, more than ever, Congress needs "clear vision." Our nation deserves leaders who will stand for what is right, however difficult that might be. The pork politics of the Democrat's Iraq funding bill resulted in Congress retreating from principle and standing for nothing that is honorable. By proudly proclaiming victory in passing their bill, Democrat leaders have asked our county at large, to join them in preparing to fall for anything.

Bill Sali

William T. "Bill" Sali, represents Idaho's First Congressional District.

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