Bill Murchison

Posted June 09, 2015

Those Republicans! Here's the lowdown on 'em -- and on their lousy, lowdown approach to governing.

Posted June 02, 2015

Evidence of the country's much-vetted shift to the political left is the strengthening and spread of the movement to abolish capital punishment, that relic of barbarous times when we struck off people's heads for, you know, social revenge. Sort of like what ISIS does. As we don't want to be like ISIS, or the remaining repositories of organized revenge, such as Iran, we need to cool it on capital punishment.

Posted May 19, 2015

Columnist and Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers' new book, "The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech," links her snugly to the cause of unfettered thought and expression -- important for conservatives, certainly but also for non-conservatives.

Posted May 12, 2015

You might have another notion entirely. I prefer to see the fruits of Raul Castro's semi-conversion to Catholicism before reaching conclusions as to his sincerity.

Posted May 05, 2015

Here's how it stands with Western civilization -- what's left of it, I mean -- insofar as various Westerners are concerned.

Posted April 27, 2015

Well. I really can't believe I am saying this. The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to tell us what marriage means. Not speculate; not explain. Tell: as in, "Wipe that smile off your face and listen to what I'm telling you."

Posted April 21, 2015

Andrew Jackson was sort of a rough-and-tumble president, undoubtedly, but the United States, in the 1820s and '30s, was sort of a rough-and-tumble country. Notice how refined and civilized we've gotten since then, to the point that a coalition of lady activists is ready to pull President Jackson's mug off the $20 bill, substituting -- well, that's yet to be decided.

Posted April 14, 2015

I'm. Just. So. Excited. That. Hillary. Clinton. Is. Ready. To. Be. My. Champion.

Posted April 07, 2015

We learn, from a squint-eyed investigation by major functionaries at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, that Rolling Stone magazine's bulging-eyed, 9000-word article, "A Rape on Campus," doesn't wash. A "journalistic failure that was avoidable," the investigators called the article, which purported to tell of a 2012 gang-rape at the University of Virginia, involving fraternity members and a female student.

Posted March 31, 2015

In the political game -- humanity's reward for forbidden fruit chomping in the Garden of Eden -- all disagreements concern power: Who's No. 1 around here; who gets the final say-so.

Posted March 24, 2015

Cinematically, as well as politically, we are sort of in a John Wayne moment: which is where Ted Cruz comes in.

Posted March 17, 2015

Maybe the question is, who'd want a degree from a university whose administration, on learning of a frat-boy incident on a bus, behaves as though God had personally dispatched the whole academic bureaucracy to wreak revenge.

Posted March 10, 2015

One vast, towering reason for Barack Obama's victory over John McCain in 2008 was the widespread expectation that an articulate and half-black chief executive would help the country overcome at long last its racial anxieties.

Posted March 03, 2015

I really wouldn't care myself but for the appearance of a book about the university's apparent subservience to athletics and the dough that athletics brings in.

Posted February 17, 2015

A number of maxims surround the practice of war.

Posted February 10, 2015

Not that Texas -- very much a part of our fallen, post-Edenic world -- is without its modern challenges, including deficiencies in the public schools and the persistence of poverty amid plenty: the same challenges, come to think of it, facing Congressman Hastings' Florida. To say nothing -- in variant degree -- of progressive paradises such as California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts, where enlightened opinion would shut down quickly enough any crazy, Texas-like adventures in the spread of freedom.

Posted February 03, 2015

Back in the '90s I bantered once or twice with Karl Rove. It had to do with the Bush boys, George and Jeb.

Posted January 27, 2015

"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtu

Posted January 27, 2015

" I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Posted January 20, 2015

A grand misconception is embedding itself in the public brain: To wit, the Supreme Court soon will clue us in to the true meaning of marriage.