Bill Murchison

"Racism" in 21st century America, with its biracial president, its multitude of government programs meant to nurture and raise up non-whites, its affirmative action programs at universities and corporations, racism endures largely as a plug-in political concept. It doesn't refer to the process and practice of tribal identification. It means, "Watch out, bad guys coming." Likewise "sexism," though that's not today's topic. Outside the realm of power politics you rarely hear such pejoratives.

That's because politicians alone -- virtually all of them liberal; at least I haven't heard of any conservative co-conspirators -- act as though everything in the wide world is centered on race or class or sex. In the world of modern liberalism, you can't be an individual. First you have to register at the Group Classification Office and listen to a sermon about why despicable people despise you and what to do about it -- namely, beat them at the polls.

Speaking of the polls: Obama, in full-flush of race-mongering, depicts the right to vote as somehow endangered without his feeling obliged to explain how or why. "Ah," we're all supposed to exclaim, "he means Voter ID and such like" -- measures meant not to narrow the right to vote but rather to make all play by the same rules.

Far be it from our president to address such concerns -- if he really has them -- outside a political rally. His record embodies a great irony; to wit, racial demagoguery flourishes anew, just when, after all these years, it was supposed to end.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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