Bill Murchison

Never mind all that: He was genuine -- the real McCoy. He wasn't endeavoring to be something he wasn't. No political makeover artists had their way with him. What he said he believed -- unless I am grossly mistaken -- he actually believed.

How naive! We might exclaim. Don't we know politics is all fakery and flummery? Certainly a lot of it is. The power that goes with political success invites lowest-common-denominator tactics: rabble-rousing, fake-angry denunciations, fake proposals; we've seen it all. George H. W. Bush's resistance to the fake and insincere is among his most beguiling traits in the political sphere.

A gentleman -- "41" is that in spades -- can be wrong, misguided, off-pitch. That isn't the point. A faker can be all those things, as well, without enhancing or adorning the drama of the occasion through simple honesty.

I confess now as I felt free to confess 20-odd years ago my anxieties concerning the stewardship of President George H. W. Bush: for whom I voted with, well, anxiety of a sort. Do you know what, though? That man -- Bush 41 -- did his best for the country he loved and served; furthermore, he did it with class rather than showmanship, dignity and honor rather than demagoguery and the crossing of fingers inside coat pockets. Of the George H. W. Bush style, and of the public service ethic that accompanied it, we could use presently a vast supply.

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Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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