Bill Murchison

The truth was, owning up to the folly of a campaign built on unsupported prophecies of disaster would have been the same as admitting that Republicans had a point worth listening to, that federal spending was a problem in need of a solution, that we couldn't go on the way we were going, that compromise of some sort had to be effected.

None of this the Wizard could say, what with his whole political strategy predicated on kneecapping the Republicans, detaching them from relevance in the debate over his transformative initiatives.

The Wizard of Washington puts on, if truth be told, a show far superior to that of Oz's guiding genius. A show, nonetheless, is a show, an act, a pretense. As the saying goes, truth must be out, as happened in Oz, when mischievous little Toto collapsed the curtain concealing the Wiz from the suckers he dominated by old-fashioned bluff.

The Wizard of Washington enjoys infinitely more protection, what with the major media devoted to cutting him slack, playing up the arguments of his hired apologists, often declining even to test his evidence and premises.

From having his bluff called publicly and embarrassingly by John Boehner and the Republicans, the Washington Wizard may rebound in the short run. I tell you, ladies and gents, that man does put on a show! One of the wonders of the world, even so, is the stratospheric rise of the hot-air balloon belonging to a community organizer more appropriately noted for self-esteem than for statesmanship.

Can the Wizard stay aloft? If not, watch out below!

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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