Bill Murchison

It helps to enjoy absolute control of the microphone when you're spinning incredible -- literally incredible -- narratives concerning your profound grasp of a Vast Challenge. Now and then a mean-spirited reporter, such as CBS's Major Garrett, throws you a curve ball. Garrett, at the Monday press conference, noted Obama's opposition, during his senatorial days, to going along with a request by President George W. Bush to raise the debt ceiling. How about that, sir? Always a quick mover on the political dance floor, our chief magistrate ignored Garrett's attempt to introduce candor into the discussion. Instead he sprayed the Republicans with his special brand of presidential indignation for their willingness to "blow up the economy."

Four years into the Obama Era -- during which federal debt has increased by $5 trillion -- we see presidential innocence as a pose, a pretext, a thespian device. I'm reminded of a wonderful scene in the 1962 movie "Jumbo": Jimmy Durante, accosted while stealing away with an enormous circus elephant.

The inimitable Jimmy flings his arms in front of the beast, rasping out righteously, "What elephant?!"

For unmitigated gall and chutzpah, our present chief magistrate takes various prizes: so far with minimal murmuring from the electorate and next to none from the media. How much longer before the spotlight starts to pick out the contradictions and evasions he has made his political specialty? One can almost hear him: "What evasions?"

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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