Bill Murchison

Supporters of Roe vs. Wade feared he would vote to overturn the decision. What if he'd demanded (as he might have) to be shown where the Constitution entitled a woman to abort her unborn child? Roe, which conferred that entitlement, was a judicial fable, spun from the conviction of seven justices that what wasn't precisely spelled out was nevertheless in there somewhere.

The court didn't need a human corrective to such sloppy thinking? It didn't need the jurisprudence of Robert Bork? Why, no, it appeared -- the court needed more sloppy thinking than ever, certainly not less. Or so the gang screaming hysterically at Bork could easily be understood as asserting.

I mentioned the warning that came to us by way of the Bork debacle. We understood in 1987, and understand better now, the efficacy of lies about designated opponents. Harder to understand during the '80s -- the sunny Reagan years -- but becoming steadily clearer is the vast power of an intellectual-political class prepared to bulldoze obstacles, human or constitutional, to get whatever it wants, devil take the hindmost.

The framers of the Constitution had hoped for better outcomes. Little notion they can have had concerning life in Teddy Kennedy's America, where recognized opinion leaders rarely shrink from destroying or humiliating those dim and dumb enough to hold views contrary to their own; where the end always justifies the means; where power is all, and all is about power.

Think Obamacare.

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Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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