Bill Murchison

What Cruz offers is line-in-the-sand clarity concerning the ills of the moment. He feeds on fed-upness. Which isn't, in the least, to call him a demagogue -- a stirrer-up of popular emotions for political profit. As I read Cruz -- who I expect to be my senator, the necessary electoral formalities having been observed -- he's plain had it with the corner-cuttings and obfuscations of the political fraternity. Four years ago, we hoped for change. What happened? The kind of change we actually got was merely a speed-up of existing trends toward costlier and more obtrusive government.

As a smasher of idols, Cruz's gift is for the sharp, short, telling blow that reveals the defects and deficiencies of the present product being hawked in Washington. Quite a large number of good people, actually, are similarly exercised about America's present career path. Cruz, as it happens, speaks better and more passionately than most of them. That would include David Dewhurst, a very good man and a very good conservative: just not passionate by nature.

The needs of the hour seem to include passion -- conviction -- verve -- zeal. Of which, Ted Cruz has a large supply. In a way, he's the same pig-in-a-poke that Obama was: scant experience in government and high ratings as an orator. Even Obama had a little more legislative experience. What Cruz has that Obama, if he has it, never has displayed is a sense of the possibilities inherent in human freedom.

Those possibilities electrify a senatorial candidate whose father, a near penniless Cuban immigrant, came to America, dreaming of ... how to put it? Dreaming of more than he had. His son connects with that dream in a way in which the author of "Dreams of My Father" seems oblivious.

Barack Obama may be the most powerful man on earth and Ted Cruz a mere senatorial candidate, but we'll see soon whose language truly speaks to today's Americans.

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Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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