Bill Murchison

The accompanying implication: not giving same-sex marriage campaigners what they want means you hate them. Next thing we know, probably, the haters will propose clapping their opponents in Auschwitz. Thus commences the fury with Chick-fil-A over on America's moral and cultural left: the shut-ups, the get-outta-heres, the shows of spite by the Jim Henson family in telling off the ex-customers at Chick-fil-A who no longer (sob, sob) may receive Muppet figures with their meals. In 21st-century America we take the values we choose and enforce them. Got that, Cathy?

Oh, he's got it. I'll bet -- without yielding on the matter of principle. If modern America says one thing and God, on the historical and theological evidence, says another, Cathy, I believe, knows where he stands. It does all make for what you might call moral chaos.

The doctrine of same-sex marriage, being brand spanking new, doesn't enjoy the cachet of ancient approbation or of triumph in intellectual debate, with defenders of the traditional understanding of marriage as the joining together of one man and one woman. The doctrine of same- sex marriage is therefore to be enforced by making a loud noise -- by yelling at opponents, calling them bad names, telling them what bigots they are and how they ought to be shunned by decent folk.

Guess what? The totalitarian approach to persuasion -- that's what all this amounts to -- nascent totalitarianism -- has encountered major pushback. Defenders of the old faith are rallying round, licking their lips and lining up everywhere to support Chick-fil-A. See the sometime irony of this make-up-your-own-morality business? You can do what you like with your fist -- shake it at God or stuff a Visa card into it while you order a Spicy Chicken Deluxe with fries.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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