Bill Murchison

Would all tax shelters just vanish -- poof! -- if the voters sent Paul Ryan enough help? I wouldn't imagine so. The rates on charitable contributions and home mortgages might fall but wresting these deductions from people who consider them part of the landscape would be ... challenging.

No good idea ever made its way unimpeded and unscathed through the democratic political process. Neither is it likely Ryan's very-good-indeed idea will do so. Substantial flattening of rates, along with abolition of numerous shelters, would, even so, produce more taxes from the upper-income earners we are instructed by occupation troops to see them as. Picking up some heir money ought to be fun.

In the end, what's the alternative to Ryan? Those knocking him for proposing too much or too little -- what are they proposing, huh? Turn down Ryan, and what will we do instead? Drift like stately galleons into bankruptcy and national disruption of a high order? Here's a man, Paul Ryan, who actually may not want to be president of the United States -- never mind his brains and courage. His service to voters, carried out from a leather chair on the Budget Committee, is easily greater than any performed to date by certain actual presidential candidates who shall be discreetly nameless.

Just in case, though, let's remember the nature of great presidents, which is in part to discern a real problem, put forth a persuasive answer, then risk much -- even all -- to put things right. Ryan in a nutshell.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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