Bill Murchison

Courage of a large order was essential to this task. How would any of us like to be the target of daily shouts and insults and the inspiration for varied obstructions of business? It gets old. Yet, so, too, does the scandal of public employee union arrogance grow old.

Not even Franklin Roosevelt, who loved and supported private sector unions, favored the right of government workers to organize and bargain with the lawmakers they helped to elect in the first place. There is something indecent about bribing, as it were, a public official with campaign money and votes, then asking said official to render suitable thanks at the collective bargaining table. We all know the form and shape of those thanks: paychecks and benefit costs underwritten by taxpayers.

Memories of the angry schoolteachers who swarmed the Wisconsin capital last year sting and irritate. What were these people thinking? That it's fine to strike against parents and students? Fine to close classrooms and shut down schools? There's a high sense of public duty for you!

Gov. Scott Walker and the other threatened Republicans deserve, of course, to survive recall -- though some or all could go down. On the other hand, if America is looking for a leader who leads and a chief executive who execs, maybe the name of Scott Walker -- recalled or not -- will stick in minds for the next presidential cycle. Here's a man who stuck his neck out for the taxpayers; he showed up and saluted when the bugle blew, without poll-testing, focus-grouping or apple-polishing.

To say voters don't often see such stuff these days is to say the bare, stripped-down minimum.

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Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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