Bill Murchison

Enter the Supreme Court to try and wrap this thing up neatly. It will be some trick the Obama White House and its congressional allies pull on potential supporters by declining reasonable conversation among such reasonable folk as can be found in modern politics. Whatever the high court says now, by a one -- possibly two-vote margin -- will only stir up more anger and hard feelings.

Congress did an ineffably dumb thing in enacting Obamacare: It pressed too hard. It treated grown-up Americans like kindergartners, incapable of doing a lot more than drooling in joyful assent. Thereby Congress -- with President Obama's invaluable assistance -- divided the country still further over a sensitive policy matter that no court, howsoever high, can decide on without contributing to further divisions. It's such brilliant statesmanship. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you, Harry.

In the meantime, a sense of trepidation wells up as to whether significant harm to liberty -- leave health aside -- is in prospect. The high court just might let Congress get away with compelling purchase of health insurance, as part of the power to regulate interstate commerce. After all, a court dominated by New Dealers held nearly 70 years ago (Wickard vs. Filburn) that the Agriculture Department could forbid a farmer to grow wheat to feed his own livestock.

The point is one you might think would cause certain congressmen to step gingerly, delicately, before marching into territory not previously under federal jurisdiction. It would seem such congressmen were in short supply when the roll was called for Obamacare.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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