Bill Murchison

For the same reason, I couldn't reconstitute the Southwest Conference football, boon though it would be to fans that don't understand (as I do!) how good it would be for them. Neither I nor anyone else has power of the sort necessary to get the job down. Free speech, yes. Coercive power -- the power of the handcuff, shackle and leg iron -- no.

The Constitution carefully, prudently defines what the federal government may do. After deleterious experience with a British crown and Parliament desirous of doing "good things" for the colonies, irrespective of colonial preferences, the Founding Fathers wanted raw power checked and restrained. They couldn't anticipate every possible power grab that the future might inspire, but knowing human nature as they knew it, they anticipated greed and overreach would march with valor and kindness.

The present Congress -- soon to lose further sway over us, praise Jupiter -- doesn't worry about such trifles as proper, duly delegated authority. It wants results, actions and deeds. To say thus-and-so should be is to justify the act of putting thus-and-so in place.

Then there's Judge Hudson, one of three federal judges thus far to rule on Obamacare. The other two said to Congress fine, go head, tell the peasants what to buy, how much to pay, etc. Judge Hudson says, in essence, such notions contract rather than expand liberty. "Urge," in other words, isn't the same thing as "do it, dammit." What a great thing to hear such good sense from a federal judge's mouth. Let us savor the unaccustomed flavor while it lasts.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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