Bill Murchison

The quest for a buck is not much in favor -- rhetorically, anyway -- with officials of the Obama administration, who seem to approve of businessmen mostly as providers of campaign contributions and corporate taxes. This very odd view appears to have had its effects: Business, by and large, disappointed in its expectations -- regarding an administration supposedly intent on "bringing us together" -- has gone over to the GOP.

The beneficent effects of paying attention to the business climate manifest themselves in Texas, for all the piety that liberal Democrats around here commonly expend on the alleged need to improve Texas schools and health care. Again, with the government talk! If you're not spending like, oh, Washington, D.C., you're betraying your people. But that just isn't so. Texas business is attentive to the need for better schools and health care because, frankly, what's good for the customers is good for the merchants.

A state government deficit of some $20 or so billions on a biennial basis has to be negotiated after the first of the year. Not the least promising approach is, broadly, to continue talking up business growth and government austerity in the interest of continued growth.

If Washington, D.C., can't see the big picture -- to wit, Big Government drags down economic endeavor and undermines job growth -- the witness of individual states to this important truth is there to drink in thankfully and to learn from.

Deo volente, Rick Perry returns to the governorship of Texas in January to bear down even harder than before on the necessities and maxims of smart government. Of course, he can't do it all. Come on, California; come on, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama -- everybody.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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