Bill Murchison

"Let's take our country back," cried the Divine Sarah (allow me to borrow the great Bernhardt's nickname) at the Perry rally in Texas. Back from whom? How? When did they get it? Never mind. Point is, whether or not we live at one of those storied historical "turning points" we read about, deep anger concerning government is real. Those who govern us smirk at their peril.

Feelings of national inefficacy are rife. We can't get the job machine cranked up, and our government gives the impression of sappy solicitude for the rights of terrorists. A voter can work up a pretty good head of steam contemplating such data. Meanwhile, the Divine Sarah declines to foreswear a presidential run.

The adulation she evokes has something to do, of course, with her brass and sass. What we can't overlook, at the same time, are the targets of her sass, namely the perpetrators of national anxiety and, as she sees it, decline. The "perpetrators" don't see it that way; but, then, they wouldn't -- cushioned as they've been by the prerogatives and perquisites of high office. These very prerogatives, by the way, they gained at the polls. None would be in office today but for the people's concurrence. That's how democracy sometimes works: hope, followed by remorse.

We're in the remorse stage now -- a stage that will pass (because it always does) but which, right now, is potent in the extreme. And overdue, if you want the truth. Government is out of hand. It is too big and bossy. Something does need to be done. Hold tight. Now, tighter...

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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