Bill Murchison

After 10 months of Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the House, Americans could be forgiven for unfurling their umbrellas should the speaker announce the sun was shining. A "historic" vote for "health care," huh? The lady says so.

Let her have her day. She worked hard enough for it -- and in the end, notwithstanding a Democratic margin of 81 votes, prevailed by only five. Thirty-nine Democrats saw through her, as well as President Obama's verbal promiscuity concerning the wonderfulness of a House bill structured so as to remove from Americans the oversight of their own health care.

The Democrats don't want plain, ordinary people -- you and me, say -- making vital decisions. They want the federal government in charge.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

It won't happen this year or the next. The Senate -- the saucer that cools overheated legislation from the House -- will drastically alter the shape of the legislation or else make it go away. So, the speaker of the House won't get her way: Washington won't take over -- yet -- as physician to a nation.

The sad part is the sheer, debilitating waste of time and energies that the health care debate -- to give this mess a genteel name -- has inflicted on a nation with extraordinary economic and foreign policy challenges.

We all know the federal government, meaning the American people, can't afford another $1.3 trillion in government spending over the next decade; nor has the speaker, or anyone else, ever established how you can increase demand for health care -- an extra 30 million or so customers -- without increasing the supply needed to meet the demand. Or what might be the value of higher taxes to underwrite such a scheme. The Democrats' arrogance left them lecturing the voters, including the majority who polls show reject Pelosi-ism, on little more than the urgent need to let the government do something.

So it always goes. Let the government do something! The sick, sad cry, always heard around election time, rises from liberal -- excuse me, "progressive" we're supposed to say -- mythology. Don't bother to prove anything and don't debate it; bow down low -- lower, come on; you can do better than that. Don’t you appreciate the nice work being done for you?

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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