Bill Murchison

It might; or, again, it might not. Consider first those holes in the Obama resume -- the experiential vacancies to which the Clintons have been pointing. Out there on his own, hoping to woo independents and some Republicans, could an untried, untested, wet-behind-the-ears freshman senator sell himself as the ablest man in the world (which one really ought to be, in order to lead effectively the strongest nation in the world)? Even Ted Kennedy's brother Jack had behind him 14 years of congressional experience when he defeated Vice President Richard Nixon. And is the country truly ready to put in place of a more-or-less conservative president -- even one named Bush -- a chief executive with advanced left-wing credentials? (Check out the Obama Web site.) He's going to sell big government to the average taxpayer?

Consider as well the potential for the Clintons gallantly to embrace Hillary's defeat before poisoning the victor's well. Blood feuds, if this turns into such, don't heal quickly. Or sometimes at all.

The mark of these very strange people, the Clintons, is their sense of entitlement: Running the country is their right, dammit, and why can't the rest of us understand that? I really can't imagine the family Clinton giving a break to anyone who doesn't see things in just that light.

We learn once more, wherever we come from on the philosophical spectrum: Take nothing in life for granted. It's a necessity that keeps even presidential candidates off balance -- a pretty good way of keeping them, by the way.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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