Bill Murchison

Golly durn! I read it in the New York Times. It must be true!

 Here's the story, anyway: Princeton University -- Princeton, jot that down -- has a brand-new 80-member group, the Anscombe Society -- and it's not a Southern Baptist group either -- that promotes discussion of chastity and abstinence from premarital sex. Discussion of if not indeed adherence to.

 Wow! Princeton! Ivy League! Cutting edge!


 There's some disconnect there -- a disconnect entirely wondrous and wonderful to behold.

 We have heard in latter years of religious groups (ex. True Love Waits) collecting pledges of abstention from premarital sex. The Princeton group is, to speak a little brutally, of a different order. The reason is that disconnect of which I speak. When you read, in the Times, of Ivy Leaguers demanding room at the table for serious discussion of a recently non-discussable subject, you start to sniff something in the wind. I catch occasional odors at other times, in other places. Yum.

 What I smell is -- please, Lord, oh, please! -- the end some day of the 1960s, the darkest, grungiest decade in our history; the decade from hell; the decade that just won't go away -- but is set to expire in hospices one of these days. I plan to be there when it happens, even if it means cutting down on the 6 p.m. shiraz.

 The theme of the 1960s was To H--- With Restraint and Decency, Hooray for Liberation, especially the kinds and varieties performed in prone positions. Yes, sexual liberation was in the end what the generation of the '60s craved most because once it got its country out of Vietnam, there had to be some fun left in life.

 For the success of its revolution, the generation of the '60s wasn't totally responsible. Its moral/political/philosophical victory required not only plenty of bad behavior, but also a lot of craven yielding on the older, supposedly wiser generation's part. The long and the short of it was, American society flattened just about every sexual guideline there ever had been. The flap over something identified spuriously as "gay marriage" is the tiniest tip of a large iceberg.

Bill Murchison

Bill Murchison is the former senior columns writer for The Dallas Morning News and author of There's More to Life Than Politics.
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