Bill Bunkley

It’s game on for Operation Repeal & Replace if America is to save herself from a disastrous British style healthcare system.

In a stunning decision the U. S. Supreme Court dusted off its reputation of being utterly unpredictable in light of the logic used to validate the Affordable Care Act.

Who would have predicted the conclusions authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr? How did this conservative member of the court join forces with the entire slate of liberals?

Is he, as some are commenting, a principled jurist that was simply calling out the Congress? Was he forcing the President and his allies to come clean and admit the truth? If it walks like a tax, sounds like a tax and looks like a tax it is in fact a tax.

Or did he raise the level of judicial activism to new heights over the Warren court by enacting a tax without Congressional decree?

Unfortunately, this is not the only area of uncertainty facing the rest of us.

If this juggernaut isn’t stopped, healthcare as most of us know it will be lost.

Here is an example of what we can expect.

Just this week I noticed a problem with one of my eyes. Upon researching the symptoms I had a pretty good idea that I a serious issue with my right retina.

It was about 7:45 in the morning and a call was immediately placed to my ophthalmologist. Within a couple minutes the receptionist agreed that I may have a serious problem and she promptly scheduled an appointment for me later that morning at 10:45.

After a thorough examination I indeed had a tear in my retina. By now it was approaching the lunch hour but arrangements were made on the spot to see the retina surgeon.

Within 40 minutes a second exam was being conducted by the retina surgeon, which validated the original findings of my ophthalmologist. After a short waiting period to validate my insurance coverage, outpatient surgery was under way to repair the tear in my retina. By 2:30 the mission was accomplished and the patched up patient was heading home.

Now it’s not exciting news to be forced to take it easy for 3-4 weeks during the peak of a Florida summer. But if that is the worst of my inconvenience it is a price easily paid.

But consider for a moment what my experience would have been say 5 or 10 years down the road with Obamacare?

Bill Bunkley

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