Bill Bunkley

With his support quickly eroding, the Obama camp knows it can ill afford to lose any more support from any individual voting bloc. Their fear wasn’t that they would lose the Hispanics vote to Romney, but that just enough of the more conservative leaning Latinos might jump ship to the GOP. Any defections in any area will be costly, especially in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Defections that are still possible when Marco Rubio steps up his upcoming meet and greet agenda.

But, should this be decided by our elected Congress members or an imperial President?

How long does winning at all costs, including trespassing on the responsibilities of our legislative branch, have to play out before the American public says, “enough is enough”?

What controversial federal issue will Congress be blindsided with next? While we may not know the answer to that today, we know one thing for certain. Either the American public must demand a stop to this repetitive overreach or this president will bulldoze the structural foundation of this nation.

American voters did not elect Barack Obama to be the imperial President of the United States. It is not to up to him to impose and implement his views as if Congress was just some ceremonial branch of our government.

Unethical campaign tactics and dirty tricks have been around forever. Our senses have been dulled in recent years due to the bombardment we receive each election cycle from negative media campaigns.

But this must be seen for what it is: It is a step beyond the bounds of good governing that must not go forward without consequences. If presidential executive authority can be abused in this fashion without restraint, one can only imagine what awaits us in the future.

The current presidential overreach and abuse of the Constitution must be stopped and stopped now, for the sake of the nation.

Bill Bunkley

Bill Bunkley is host of “Drive Time with Bill Bunkley” heard throughout West Central Florida weekday afternoons from 4-6 eastern on AM 570 & 910 WTBN Tampa Bay with live streaming at Bill is active in the state’s issues in Tallahassee and is President of the Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Inc. Contact Bill at