Bill Bunkley

With Super Tuesday on the horizon, Huckabee stands to do well in southern states like Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and his home state of Arkansas. His poll numbers in West Virginia and California (no longer a winner-take-all state) may deliver delegates to him as well.

If Mike Huckabee garners enough delegates to keep McCain or Romney from going over the top before the convention, he may be central in selecting the Republican nominee and shaping the future course of this nation, while making a good case for joining the ticket as V.P. Increasingly, John McCain is sounding like Huck’s preferred candidate, should he get that opportunity.

Even if this scenario does not play out he still makes the best case for a wining ticket in November. The road to the White House still runs through the south. And in the south, social conservatives are a strong voting block and they are relating well to Mike Huckabee. He has done well reaching out to non social conservatives who are warming up to him the more they hear him speak.

Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist will make his case to John McCain for the V.P. spot, but polling will show that Mike boosts both McCain or Romney is ways that Florida’s governor can’t touch, especially in many southern states.

Stay tuned in the days to come as Mike Huckabee could remain a significant part of the national spotlight.

Bill Bunkley

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