Ben Cannatti and Ford O'Connell

Klein, a licensed real estate broker and small business owner for more than 25 years, was elected the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Northwestern Indiana in 2008, and continues, even during the rigors of a high-profile campaign, to help the non-profit organization provide residents of the district with affordable housing.

Leader Bosma “is counting on Dan Klein to put Republicans back in the driver's seat downstate.” The 19th District has been trending Republican giving 2008 presidential nominee, John McCain, 47.69 percent of the vote.

The Democrat incumbent, VanDenburgh, was appointed in 2007 after former Democrat Rep. Bob Kuzman stepped down to become a lobbyist. In 2008 VanDenburgh held the seat only after the winner of the Republican primary dropped out of the race and was replaced on the ballot. This time around, Republicans are confident Klein is poised to win in this vital toss-up district.

If elected, Klein has promised to focus on job creation, ethics reform and tax reduction. With tax-and-spend Democrats at the helm in Washington, Indiana voters know that if the Hoosier State is to move forward, it will need to elect more candidates like Republican Dan Klein.

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Ben Cannatti and Ford O'Connell

Ben Cannatti is Political Director of the Republican State Leadership Committee. Ford O'Connell is the co-founder of ProjectVirginia.